Promise (Single)

by Other Families

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Recorded and Produced by Jesse Manou at The Other Families Recording Company.

Side A - Promise
Side B - Chase No Face


released February 14, 2016




Other Families Toronto, Ontario

We are Other Families, an electronic DIY/punk collective with a taste for noise, spoken-word, and onstage theatrics. We are self-made, self-produced and we've independently released everything we've put out. Our live show is a loud and violent barrage of sound and vision that incorporates costumes, props, dramatic segments and awkward lapses of confusion and disorientation. Join the family. ... more

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Track Name: Promise
I’ll admit, situations perfect.
It’s true.

Despite, I have this face
and want to lose

it. Be eggshell white,
And smooth.

But the face remains,
a clothing stain,
no matter what i do.

I’ve really got a problem.

I know it’s nothing new.
Little girl always wearing thin.

Tossing out those wedding fins:
hunched over bowl, I’m pointless.

I made one big

that now I’ve got to uphold.

I want to see all of you get sick and die.
It’s the only way that I can be

satisfied. I made one big

Feel so alive.
so new

I just love drugs.

Are they watching?

I feel like a million bucks.

I don’t want to have a name.

I promise I promise it.

I’ll admit, situations perfect.
It’s true. Despite, I have this face
and want to lose
Track Name: Chase No Face (B Side)
A blank photo i’m over the expose,
a claimed rebuttal shuttles paradox-es
to plains, balance, negate, and initiate states
of sheer pause. get it on the libra. Then we pursue
lost paces through the openings, removing
no masks, clasp charicatures of hoodrats
as tokens in felicitious fasts of the pact.
Class, no face is a kiss on face from fate, Chase
I want that cat to meet my cat and they can have
a playdate, that’s pact. Less is more kitty,
let’s bring it past. Lets cash checks on your low pro
file, face notification from nation to nas-c-ent
state, cat, there’s just no good no bad, serious
and joyous exist in the interplay. Fact, so blase,
why am I spending all this time on the internet anyway.
why am I even looking at you at all.
You’re a fucking star.


Glory to the cat.
You lived.
Life is pain and while we roll about and play
in suffering,
faceless animals claim
their place
in pantheons.

Chase come and live with me.
Let’s laugh.
I guess it’s black.
it’s so fast.

broke nose
no skin
no bones
no home

erase me with your moans, kitty.

fussed up
and car horns
peace out

sick as the flowers

broke heart
broke stone
phased out

this i throw to the felines, fate is a serpentine sequencer
inherits us all as it kills our mothers