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MOONROCK is the group's 4th full-length record, produced and recorded by Jesse Manou at The Other Families Recording Company

Released August 31st, 2018


released August 31, 2018

Other Families is:

Jesse Manou - Bass, Synth, Electronic Production
Paul Geldart - Drums, Electronic Production
Kaiva Gotham - Piano, Vocals, Lyrics
Jackson Welchner - Lead Vocals

Zach Buck & Josh Johnston: Lyrics, Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Chris Rennie on track 03 playing Saxophone & Flute
Aaron Williams on Lead Vocals at the end of track 07

Fabian Di Corcia (front cover)
Isaac Roberts (back cover)

Julia Gervasio




Other Families Toronto, Ontario

We are Other Families, an electronic DIY/punk collective with a taste for noise, spoken-word, and onstage theatrics. We are self-made, self-produced and we've independently released everything we've put out. Our live show is a loud and violent barrage of sound and vision that incorporates costumes, props, dramatic segments and awkward lapses of confusion and disorientation. Join the family. ... more

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Track Name: Crater
When I look out at a world
All things want to come out and play
Humans, footballs-- whatever

Its flowers fucking flowers
Kickstart the human race!
When I look out at a world.

Wound on the endless river
It’s distillation in your hands
is morning, morning.
It falls off the edge of the world.
And I’m still the home you hold onto.
Ladies and men
Mesmerized by cryst-- (tal)
people can’t look. Look,
Man Frozen in ice for ten times ten trillion-- (years)
Smoke, grass, land ‘scapes when we look a- (way)

Ladies and men
It’s all in your hands

(wound on the endless river)

Ladies and men
Of fortune, dissent

Kickstarting the human race
Come out and play.


When I look out at a world
All things want to come out and play
Humans, footballs-- whatever

Its flowers fucking flowers

Kickstart the human race
When I look out at the world.

When i when i look out
When i look out look out look out!
Track Name: Dead Matter, Dark Matter
Oculus, what is the sign
What gives the mind
Its lines, what is the shrine
We mold whole skulls in

Deep inside the mortuary
You can touch your six eyed clones
Or at least the place where they were buried
In the underworld they’re waiting by your throne and you know

When your junk got its stuff on the carpet and cut of my heart

That all your DNA is nothing new
I don’t believe you
We turned my mother’s motherland to foam

Now you sing we can’t come in
So where do we go?
Track Name: Music Music
I want a new tattoo of you

for meeeeee,
I. I. I.
Insomaniacal you lie you lie you--
What’s on your mind?

So change back into your human suit
before we swim, if you have nothing to lose
tell me, tell me the truth.

do you covet?

music music,
music move it, lose it,
you can do it
groove it, you can glue it
music to it
it’s the newest movement
get into it, music music
truth is it’s a science soothing
toothing out the groove is oozing
music music, you can do it
holding up the room is moving,
tuning to the newest tuning,
Music music
Moving through it
Music music
Your conduit.

(Tell me the truth,
did you? Just wanna know if you’re contagious)

The fraternal brotherhood of police
coo in the hallway. (a ha ha, a ha ha a ha ha)
Holocausts penetrate the inner room.
Tell me the truth.

Do you covet?

tell me the truth
in an innocent tongue.
do you covet
do you covet
(do you)
eating its young
did you do it, cmon hun we can work through it
The cyclops eating its young
We can work through it hun, cmon
if your hiding something just confess

do you covet

music music,
move it, lose it, use it.
can’t confuse it.
music its so soothing.
is it stupid? Let’s just keep it grooving.

The fraternal brotherhood of police
coo in the hallway
if they don’t come for me they’ll come for you.
Tell me
the truth.
Tell me, tell me
the truth.

Do you covet?
Track Name: Alien Bacteria
It walks and the birds fly away
Threatening its medieval forehead
Looks like an egg, looks like an egg
Under siege Pestilence
Feathered by stolen treasures
I demand extraordinary measures.

And I hate the way you that you list yourself in the framework

And when you came over last night there was something on your mind

Circles making circles

So where do we begin my love?
My gray paste towards you
You’re craving bacteria borne through the course of your space and time

But you’ll comb space and time

On a suicide mission find

Where I lie in dazzling white

But you will never find

The secret that’s alive

Asleep in the structure
That tears sky

On the baseline
Between you and I
Under each note
There lies a secret of an ancient dwelling

You learn to taste its heart, but get lost
in feeling of another person
We just glide by

Cover your unreal eyes
Here’s the ghost
To fill in vacant lines
That tears sky
Track Name: Get It
Honing, wheting a pre-prototype
Every day is an important new sight
And she knows that all the pieces will fall in place.

Artifice unbounded awaits
When your family's outdated
The splinter in the lion's paw falls out, falls out.

Light up the night with your robo-thoughts
Sovereign parade of the human-auts
Picking up where god forgot to try.

Carbonation filling out my lungs
Gotta make sure to untie our tongues
As airtight bubbles float up … smells like a perfect match.

And I wanna let you know
The soul, can never grow enough to take over control.
Don't worry, it can be your indemnity.

Light up the night with your robo-thoughts
Sovereign parade of the human-auts
Carrying the word on
Picking up where god forgot to try.

Carrying the word on
Pseudomatic cables
All hang low as fruit.

Your holography corrupting my
Prototype corollary
Alive inside, come alive.
In the light.
Track Name: Good Listener
Talk to me-- you’re pencil skirting.
Oh talk to me, your pensive student.
Oh talk to me, you’re pencil skirting.

Why am I why am I
So tired so tired
Can’t sleep
Hungry can’t eat
I know why so salivating
I want to kick in your teeth
I wanna haunt in your dreams
How could you do this to me!?

Good listener
With a heart made of steel
He’s standing at my steering wheel, oh-oh

He's a good listener.
Got me on my knees
Begging please don’t break me while I climb

Come your red threat, munch on me
Solid gold-necked
Munch on me

Good listener

So matter of fact I
Cower in the weekend.

I’m at your beck and call

Seems so meaningless
If you’ve seen where it all goes
we fall asleep cradling future histories
dream subtitles in a silent
end to it all
cut scene
talk for hours and i still cant calm you down
it’s not me
I’m not the one dressed in moving clothes

I’ll put you in my movie
I’ll put you in my movie
before you die of pneumonia

I’ll put you in my movie
the ambulance is waiting
its windshield is a lens, its bed is romance

I’ll put you in my movie
I’ll put you in my movie
Track Name: Xylocan
You are crab mandibles, sorting particulate.
A spasm of god’s electronic certificate.
You are the red flecks in my breath.
I love when you shudder and blood from the udder goes down down down
My esophagus.

This is xylocan. Xylocan can.
This is black hair dye. Xylocan can
Make you numb, I love that stuff, medical miracle
And me, well i look great in disguise.
(I love that guy).

Crush, Crushing up pills while we watch my favorite movie
crushing up pills and dilute in yogurt smoothie
crush, crushing up pills, why are you flexing on me
crushing up pills and then I get them in me (gimme!)

Carried out wild, I’m a rough rider
oh, oh, buried in a childproof container, cuz this cuz this is xylocan

And Carried out wild, I’m a jet fighter
oh, oh, who of you can sever my helicopter limbs from my head!

You’re an animal, that makes y’ innocent
a cannibal, carnivorous and
cruel but pure. A little pill I cannot
swallow, so can’t be cured.
Oh, oh, oh

Set fire to the schools and homes around
spit fire on each woman and man

I said, Set fire to the schools and homes around
spit fire on each woman and man

And dance, on the emptied land
‘cause this is xylocan

This is xylocan.
This is black hair dye.
Spearmint gum. Hollow hands.
They do battle in the sky.

Cuz the body isn’t normal.
You can’t make the body normal.
You live in it all your life.
Inviting visitors to come inside.

No the body isnt normal.
You can’t make the body normal.
I wanna touch you, give you time.
Then pull you closer, you’ll feel my size.

I can see you
In the darkness
Hiding under the porch stairs.
That’s not the way honey!

I can see you, ooo-oo-ooo ooo-ooo-oo-ooo-ooo

Cuz the body isn’t normal.
There’s not one of us that’s normal!
But you’re perfect, in my eyes.
Indescribable, identified.
Track Name: Mercury
Turned you, into
Something incredible
Brilliant red feathers burst through your flesh, your flesh
Collared dogs, bark scratch, bark scratch
And press their heavy leather heads
Through the holes in the fence.
Turned you, wild.
Waiting for the arrival

Killing machines, asleep on their feet,
The crowds have all crawled home.
The birds have all flown forward.

Form their own societal,
they walk on stilts.
Their infants feed on human filth.
Your friends will all come round and sniff.
Thinking a piece has fallen.

You put your hand against my pregnancy
said that’s what you want
And then relayed the sky was falling (down).
you think got one up on me doll.

And in a few years I’d dive right into your
Into your Into your
Blinking on the ocean floor (the widower)
Toward the island, you don’t see

You’ve got something
Something in you
I’m falling deep with green oceanics, uh, down
Into your groove

We’re familiars, we’re pollen
You’ve got nothing
Nothing to prove
We’re familiars, we’re pollen
Shining in your essense, you soothe.
Something you knew
And now we’re two.

Little Mercury.

Little Mercury.

Time’s like a river, it flows and it flows.
Taking naked pictures of your soul.
The wreck of your lifetime, we play it in reverse
Can you call it off call it off call it off?

Little Mercury
Leave it alone.
Little Mercury,
You’ll kill em.
Little Mercury, leave it alone.
call it off call it off call it off.

All your filthy
Secrets flying home!

Little Mercury, believe it or don’t
Why can’t you see, we’ll crush them
Little Mercury, leave it alone.
We can call it off call it off call it off.

Look for the slide off this pay phone globe hole.
There aint no name for the place where the light goes.
What will you give us if you ever arrive?
You vomit your paystubbing, welcome home, bird is gone!

All the filthy children
other fam’s produce.
Belong on the moonrock
Locked inside of you.

Little Mercury,

What have you turned into?

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