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Fyz1ks!1 ('Physics') brings Other Families maximalist, genre-busting aesthetic to new and terrible heights. The experimental electronic album is an audio extravaganza with influences as wide ranging as hardcore punk, 80's funk and avant-garde performance art. Featuring vocal appearances from artists across Toronto, the collaborative work is a monster that represents itself as such. Available now as a free download, Fyz1ks!1 follows their 2012 debut Quit, three singles, an experimental audio podcast available online and cassette, The Other Families Radio Show, and a chapbook, Slay.


released 22 November 2014

Jesse Manou: DJ, Synth, Bass and Drums
Pavan Brar: Guitar and Synth
Josh Johnston: Bass, Synth and Vocals
Zach Buck: Words and Vocals

Nicole Cain played additional Bass Guitar on tracks 1, 5 and 10.
Lukas Witmer played additional acoustic drums on track 2.
Lucas Manou played trombone on the last half of track 2.
Matt Vultaggio played additional bass on track 10.
Kat Baggio leant her voice to tracks 4 and 5.
Theo Kapodistrias screamed on track 7.
Other voices on this album include Adrianne Daigle, Kiel Mac, Izabella S, Tristan Barrocks and Kameron Gordon.

'Interpreter' features audio from the LP Themes Like Old Times as well as a sample of 'Alcohol in the 1920s' by Other Families.
'Rise When U No' is based in a sample of Steely Dan's 'Do It Again' and a vocal sample from 'California Love' by 2Pac featuring Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman.
'The Mare' features a sample from Chuck Wagon Gang's rendition of 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot.'
A sample from Cyberpunker's remix of Toxic Avenger's song 'Toxic is Dead' is in 'Single.'

Physics was produced at Other Families Recording Studios. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jesse Manou of Other Families. CD design by Theo Kapodistrias of Other Families.

Other Families extends deep gratitude in the making of Physics to:

Families, ours and in general. Emily Power and Jessica Rock. Lee Mobin. Metcalfe. Lucas Manou. Morakoza and Pretty Odd. Mark Thompson. The Butler. Young Cesar. Karen Augustowitsch. Hailey Power, who helped the same night. Matt and Teymoor. Blair Hammond, cooking from the heart. The inhabitants of the apartment across the hall. Andrew Whiteman in Montreal. Brad and Tambra. Harmonica Guy (RIP) and wife, who live in the apartment above and never made a peep. Keith at Alpha Electronics. Dras 'Bullneck' Rotundun and the Rotundun sons. Rob Lee. Gene of that miraculous crack-den, 'Cesspool Castle' where we played with Dharma from LA. The drummer talked about fucking a stripper the night before, 'apparently. I was too drunk to remember.' Isabella S. Jay Colbourne. Matt Vatole and Paul Geldart, who are not related in any sense. Tobias H[e]art. The 806 in Amarillo, TX. Alexandra DiFlorio. Nick Brewer of Flagstaff. Bruce McCroon. Dr. Reverend Andrew Human.

During the course of the making of Physics, two members of Other Families departed the band. Josh Johnston and Pavan Brar have been replaced by Theo Kapodistrias, Chris Harry, Lukas Witmer, and Nicole Cain. OF's sincerest thanks to each of these 6 for sharing our journey.


to contact Other Families for anything, anything at all, please correspond at otherfamilies@gmail.com

Thank you.




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Other Families Toronto, Ontario

We are Other Families, an electronic DIY/punk collective with a taste for noise, spoken-word, and onstage theatrics. We are self-made, self-produced and we've independently released everything we've put out. Our live show is a loud and violent barrage of sound and vision that incorporates costumes, props, dramatic segments and awkward lapses of confusion and disorientation. Join the family. ... more

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